The Secret Ballot Project

The Atom of Democracy is a Secret Ballot.


The Secret Ballot Project (TSBP) is a non-profit effort to educate the Public about what a “secret” is and how the correct use of secrets secures democratic governance in peaceful societies.

“It’s not the voting that counts, it’s the counting that counts.”

~Sam Shepard

TSBP is brought to you by the CIPHR ThinkTank, a development project of the nonprofit CryptoRights Foundation (CRF). CRF is made up of crazed right-wing ideologues funded by evil billionaires who want to warp your mind with disinf— oh… no, just kidding… we’re actually a small human rights nonprofit quietly working on security technology R&D since 1998. We continue to exist on the vapors from the kindness of generous people like you.

Topics include:

• Ballot Security and Democratic Outcomes
• Technical Information on Ballot Secrecy
• Ballot Tampering 101
• Can Anyone Vote Safely?
• How to Rig an Election in 10 Easy Steps
• Citizen Voter Interfaces: Let’s Make Them Better
• Electronic Ballot Systems It’s All In the Counting
• Digital Voting Hardware Can Never Be Secure Enough
• The Most Secure Voting Method: Paper Ballots
• Automated Counting Systems require Paper Ballots
• How to Prove Your Vote Was Counted Correctly
• Voting System Vulnerabilities
• Cryptographic Enhancements to Ballot Processing
• Secure Voter-Verifiable Ballot Receipts
I Think I Voted

…and more…

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“You must be able to keep how you vote secret
— and still be able to verify that your vote was correctly counted.
Otherwise, you live in some variation of a Police State.”

~from “How Can You Prove Your Vote Was Counted?”